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 It’s official! Lushell Persians now has three National Winners – (2009 – 2010) GC, NW, RW Alizara’s Defying Gravity of Lushell & our homegrown (2010 – 2011) GC, NW, RW Lushell ‘Till Summer Comes Around & (2012 - 2013), BW, NW HollywoodSunset of A Kitkat. See our legacy today!

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Lushell Persians: Tabbies, Bicolors & Solids

Welcome to Lushell Persians, a small persian cattery located in Northern Virginia very 
close to Washington, D.C. and Maryland.
 We specialize in Tabby persians but occasionally have Solid Persians and Bicolor Persians. We are commited to raising happy, healthy, well socialized, loveable persian kittens. Here at Lushell Persians our 
cats are our passion and are raised like 
our children, underfoot with lots of love and attention.  Our kittens are from National and Regional winning bloodlines.        


We invite and encourage every person to visit our home to see their kitten by appointment. Lushell Persians will never ship our kittens or retired adults as we believe it is very important that you see your kitten and meet with us prior to accepting a chosen kitten.  Photos will be sent by email once a kitten is chosen, however, upon picking up your kitten we feel it is important to be sure that it is the right kitten for your family.  We will assist in the process to guide you toward the right “fit” for your family if you wish us to.  Occasionally arrangements can be made to deliver your kitten to the airport and meet in person if you have to fly in on a “turn around flight” and then fly your kitten under the seat in front of you, thus your kitten will be “on your person” and never alone as with cargo shipping which again is not an acceptable means of transportation in our opinions.  With this option you are then still able to see your kitten and approve that he or she is the right kitten for you.  Thank you for understanding.

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Why Choose Lushell


Lushell has 13 years experience in breeding & showing. We have produced multiple regional and national winners & strive to achieve only the very best representation of the persian breed.


To keep our lines healthy our standard is to remain diligent in DNA testing and weeding out only the very best breeding stock. We also provide a written generic health guarantee with every kitten we sell.


From the moment each kitten is born they are showered with unconditional love and attention. All kittens are handled and raised in the warmth of our home, as well as being socialized with other types of animals.

Animal Husbandry

We strive to use great animal husbandry techniques in prevention of disease in order to keep each and every one of our kittens in peak health. We use veterinary grade disinfectants to keep their environment sterile.


All cats and kittens are bathed on a routine basis. All kittens are accustomed to being fully groomed and blow dryed along with nail trimmings right from the start.


To achieve customer satisfaction we believe in helping every customer, no matter what question they may have. We invite every client to feel free to ask questions so that every kitten can make a smooth transition to their new home.